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6 Tips on preparing your property for sale!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Its hard to know where to start when it comes to preparing your property for sale. These are the main points to focus on;

•Stage where it counts: Not all rooms are considered equal when it comes to home staging. You want to focus your efforts on the rooms, Living area, master bedroom and kitchen. Don’t worry as much about the rooms that have less influence, such as guest bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, and bathrooms.

•De-personalize the space: One of the primary objectives of home staging is to help prospective buyers visualise the space as their own. Start by removing any personal photos, making sure to take down both framed photos on walls and surfaces and anything that’s hanging on your fridge. Keep clothes stored away and out of sight, and clear bathroom counters of personal items, like toothbrushes. While it’s true that de-personalizing your home makes it a little weird to live in, it is extremely useful for helping buyers better connect with the property.

•Get rid of clutter: Clutter takes up space, and space is what sells. Make your home look bigger and more desirable. The less clutter you’ve got in the space, the bigger it will look and the more appealing it will be to buyers.

•Clean like you’ve never cleaned before: You want the house to shine, from the baseboards to the corners of your ceilings and everywhere in between.

•Patch and repair: Start by removing any scuffs from walls. Keep an eye out for any areas that could use a little TLC. You may need to do some paint touch ups too, if you notice areas where previously applied paint has chipped like bathroom windowsills. Just like with cleaning, the purpose is as much about showing potential buyers that you’ve put effort into maintaining the property as it is about making the place look nice.

•Make a good first impression: When people come to view your property and they walk up to your house its nice to see the outside is tidy.

•Let there be light Brighten up by letting as much light shine in the house as possible. Open the blinds on all of the windows, which in addition to letting in more light will also make rooms seem bigger. Replace any blown bulbs. This well help make your home more welcoming, and also saves buyers from having to stumble around figuring out which switches turn on which lights.

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